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Course Information

NIOSH 582 Equivalent – Asbestos Air Sample Collection & Analysis (AASC)


This 40-hour course is required primarily for any person who wishes to analyze asbestos air samples using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) in accordance with NIOSH 7400 Method, either in a laboratory setting and/or at an asbestos abatement site. It mirrors the training provided by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and includes extensive hands-on training in the setup and operation of microscopes. Students are strongly recommended to bring the microscope that they will be using in the field to ensure they properly know how to calibrate their own microscope.

Learning Objectives:

  • Federal, State and Local Regulations
  • Background Information Involving Asbestos
  • Quality Control Program Management
  • Air Clearance and Sampling/Monitoring Procedures
  • Air Flow Calibrations/Microscope Calibrations
  • Fiber Counting Protocols and Recordkeeping
  • Written Exam to Measure Level of Technical Understanding
5 days

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